Body Works Challenge Regional Results

Regional Results


 Body Works Challenge Video and Photo Contest

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Do you hear the heartbeat? 

Have you ever been sick or hurt?  You may need to go to a doctor's office or the hospital.  The future of medicine will involve robotics.  The Body Works Challenge will bring you together with your robot.  Your robot will mend bones, take blood samples, inject medications and more.  Be prepared to program your robot to help you be a better person.

Body Works Challenge Schedule

The 2017-2018 Body Works Challenge was a wonderful success.  Please join use for the 2018-2019 Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge.

Regional Coaches Meetings

All Regional Coaches meetings have been held.

Watch the online Coaches Meeting to review the Body Works Challenge.



Regional Tournament Dates

          Regional Tournament Dates are planned for the February/ March time frame.  As Regional Hosts confirm their schedule, Regional Tournament dates will be posted.




School/Team Info

To participate in a Body Works Tournament:  (click for all rules)

          Schools may sponsor multiple teams.  

          Each team must have their own robot.  NO SHARING of robots.

          A Student may ONLY be on 1 Team. 

          A School may send teams to separate RCX Regional Tournaments.

          Teams may ONLY compete at 1 RCX Regional Tournament.

          Locally, Schools may offer a "District" tournament.  It is encouraged for schools to offer additional opportunities for the students to get together to learn and compete. Teams may compete at as many local tournaments as possible. Participation at a local tournament is at the Host School's discretion.

          Bringing the students together allows them to learn from each other.  Share ideas.  Share successes and failures.  By networking, the students develop leadership skills and communication skills as we prepare them for their future.


 Body Works Challenge Documents and Videos

The Body Works Challenge support documents and videos are now available.  Click on the heartbeat to view the page.