It's that time again for another RCX Program Challenge.  
Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure, translated to Expedition Lost - Island Adventure.
          Imagine your team is on a journey to the Hawaiian Islands to explore the islands.  The plane your team was flying in had to crash land in the ocean.  Your team swims to an uncharted island.  You will need to find food and shelter.  Maybe even some treasure.  Be careful, there are dangers that lurk around every corner.  Build a raft and leave the island before time runs out. 
Think of this challenge as a "3 Minute Tour", Ha Ha!


 Step to Prpeparing for the RCX Annual Challenge

Follow a step by step process to teach your students how to use the LEGO EV3 Mindstorm.  Expanding that knowledge to include Teamwork activities, Problem Solving and other aspects of the RCX Program.



RCX Program Video Contest

 Create your own video featuring your team as it prepares for the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure.  Submit your video to be eligible to receive the 2019-2020 Challenge supplie for free.

Click here for details.



Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge Schedule 

          August 4            Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge material available to order.

          September 1      Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge materials available to ship to your school.

          October 1           Release of Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure documents & videos:  Missions,

                                    Building Instructions, etc. to everyone.

          November 1       Team Registration will open

          February/ March 2019    Regional Tournament Dates (Dates TBA)

           April 18, 2019  KY STLP State Championship 

          Spring 2019          Tennessee State Tournament (Date TBA)


 Regional Coaches Meetings and Tournament Dates

We are in need of some new Regional Host sites. 

Dates and locations will be listed as Regional Hosts confirm. 

Expect Coaches Meetings to be in October

Expect Regional Tournaments to be in March 2019




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Grant opportunity for your school.


School/Team Info

          To participate in a Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge Tournament:  (click for all rules)

          Schools may sponsor multiple teams.  

          Each team must have their own robot.  NO SHARING of robots.

          A Student may ONLY be on 1 Team. 

          A School may send teams to separate RCX Regional Tournaments.

          Teams may ONLY compete at 1 RCX Regional Tournament.


Local Competitions

          Locally, schools may offer a "Local" competition.  It is encouraged for schools to offer additional opportunities for their students to get together to learn and compete. Teams may compete at as many local competitions as possible. If you would like to host a local competition, let me know and I will share the date and time with every one.  Participation at a local tournament is at the Host School's discretion.

          Bringing the students together allows them to learn from each other.  Share ideas.  Share successes and failures.  By networking, the students develop leadership skills and communication skills as we prepare them for their future.



Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge Documents and Videos

          The Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge documents and videos are now available.  Click here to review them.