This page will provide you with the necessary videos and documents to help you prepare for the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge.  Before you start, watch the Coaches Meeting video to provide you with an overview of the entire challenge.  Specific Missions are discussed in this video at the time listed below for quick reference.


General Rules and other support documents.


Steps to Preparing for the RCX Annual Challenge

 Follow these Steps to teach your students how to use the robot, then transfer that knowledge to the RCX Annual Challenge. 




Mission Overview

(Time Stamp)

Mission Object Building Instruction Mission Object Piece List  Start/ Scoring Position Q&A
Coaches Meeting Video *** *** *** ?
Miscellaneous  *** Video Doc *** ?
1. Gather the Fruit 29:40  Video Doc Doc ?
2. Escape from the Island 30:00 Your Creation Your Creation Doc ?
3. Catch Fish 30:30 Video Doc Doc ?
4. Save Plane 31:10 Video Doc Doc ?
5. Protect Yourself 31:28 Video Doc Doc ?
6. Treasure Map 31:57 Video Doc Doc ?
7. Capture Pua 32:30 Video Doc Doc ?
8. Go Treasure Hunting 32:42



Doc Doc ?
9. Quench Your Thirst 33:39 Video Doc Doc ?
10. Cross the River 33:53 Video Doc Doc ?
11. Play at the Waterfall 34:56 Video Doc Doc ?
12. Build Shelter 35:23 Video Doc Doc ?
13.Take Shelter in the Cave 38:53 Video Doc Doc ?
14. Cook Your Feast 39:13 Video Doc Doc ?
15. Establish Your Campsite 39:26 Video Doc Doc ?
16. Collect Firewood 39.43 Video Doc Doc ?
17. Explore the Mountain Volcano 42:00 *** *** Doc ?

 18. Secret Mission

Mission 7   You may deliver the Pig to the Safe Zone for 25 Points, or to the Oven for 35 Points.

Mission 17  You may score ALL 4 parts of this mission for a total of 160 Points.




 Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Q&A     "?"

Post your questions as it relates to the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure Challenge only.  Coaches and Team Captains, make sure to review the Q&A periodically.  Make sure to post your questions to the Q&A.  Questions and answers will be available for everyone to review.  

As you prepare for the RCX Challenge, just know that how you prepare may be impacted by these responses.  So check the Q&A frequently.


 General Rules Q&A     "?"

This Q&A is related to the RCX Program General Rules.  How to participate in the RCX Program.  Who can be on the team.  How to construct the robot. How the robot is to perform during the Match.  Bassically any questions that does not relate specifically to the annual challenge.


The following documents will help you prepare for the Ua Hala Ka Hala Island Adventure.

     General Rules and other support documents and videos



     Practicer Score Sheet